60 Days


250,000 EUR

Minimum Investment

27 Countries

Schengen Area Free Acess


Presence Required

Santorini, Greece

Why Greece for Second Residency?

Greece is an appealing choice for a second residency due to its stunning natural beauty, fascinating history, and welcoming culture. With its strategic location in Europe and access to the Mediterranean Sea, Greece offers a unique lifestyle and opportunities for those seeking a second home in a picturesque setting.

Economic Resurgence

Witness Greece's remarkable economic turnaround, driven by tourism, real estate, and energy sectors. The nation's dedication to growth and resilience offers a fertile ground for investments with high returns.

Attractive Investment Incentives

Greece offers enticing incentives, including competitive tax rates and investment grants, making it an attractive landscape for businesses and individual investors alike. The government's pro-investment stance supports a smooth entry and expansion for foreign investments.

Strategic Position in Europe

Capitalize on Greece’s strategic geographical location, serving as a bridge between East and West. Greece’s ports and logistics infrastructure offer direct access to European, Asian, and African markets, presenting a unique advantage for international trade and investment.

low angle photography of The Parthenon, Greece

Ideal for...

Greece's Golden Visa program caters to global investors seeking seamless residency, boasting swift application procedures and minimal physical presence requirements.

buildings near ocean

Greek Residency by Investment

Our Greek residency program offers a lucrative Real Estate Investment opportunity, delivering a 6% annual return on investment. Enjoy perpetual residency status as long as the investment remains active, with a minimum investment of EUR 250,000.00 locked for 30 months.

  • Investment Type: Real Estate Investment
  • EUR Return: 6.0% APR
  • Residency Term: Perpetual
  • Conditions: During term of Investment
  • Minimum Amount: EUR 250,000.00

The program extends to the investor's immediate family, including spouse, children, and parents (with a renewable one-year visa for parents).

Explore exciting investment opportunities in Greece with Oz Living, no minimum stay requirements. Unlock a realm of possibilities and enrich your portfolio with the beauty of Greece.



Biannual visits suffice.


Comprehensive coverage for the entire family.


Working in Greece is not obligatory.


Access to premium amenities and lifestyle.


Favorable tax conditions.


Enjoy abundant sunshine and minimal rainfall.

Acquisition Process

Initial Consultation

Begin by discussing your individual and family needs for residency or citizenship in Greece. We will help organize and prepare all required documentation and guide you through the government form completion process.

Filing the Application

Our team will ensure that every piece of information is thoroughly reviewed before your application is filed with the relevant Greek government body.

Processing and Approval

The Greece authorities will conduct a thorough review of your application. Upon settling the required fees and receiving government approval, you can start enjoying the privileges of your new status.

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