30 Days


75,000 USD

Minimum Investment

38 Countries

Visa Free Access


Presence Required

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Why Philippines for Second Residency?

The Philippines is a hidden gem of Southeast Asia, offering a unique blend of cultural diversity, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant urban living. With a welcoming and hospitable population, a low cost of living, and a relaxed lifestyle, the Philippines is the perfect place for expats looking for an affordable and enjoyable place to call home.

Economic Stability and Growth

The Philippines boasts a vibrant economy, with a focus on diversification, encouraging foreign investment, and enhancing local businesses.

Educational Excellence

A strong emphasis on education, with English as a medium of instruction, prepares students for global opportunities, fostering a well-educated workforce.

Dynamic Job and Business Environment

The country offers a thriving job market, particularly in tech, tourism, and business sectors, attracting professionals and investors worldwide.

Superior Living Standards

Residents enjoy a rich blend of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and modern comforts, ensuring a high quality of life.

Ideal for...

Perfect for entrepreneurs and investors seeking a strategic location in Southeast Asia, the Philippine residency program offers a gateway to the region's thriving markets with minimal residency requirements.

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Philippine Residency by Investment

Our Philippine residency program is done through a Regulated Cash Bond that provides a 14% annual percent yield. Residency is perpetual as long as the investment remains. The minimum amount required is USD75,000.00 locked for 30 months. 

  • Investment Type: Regulated Cash Bond
  • USD Return: 14% APR
  • Token Yield: 10% APY
  • Residency Term: Perpetual
  • Conditions: During term of Investment
  • Minimum Amount: USD75,000.00



One-day physical presence needed.


Options to include immediate family.​


Freedom to invest or manage businesses.


Rich cultural experience and natural beauty.


Attractive taxation for freeport businesses. 


The only country with strict bank secrecy laws.


Tropical weather and diverse landscapes.

Acquisition Process

Initial Consultation

Begin by discussing your individual and family needs for residency or citizenship in the Philippines. We will help organize and prepare all required documentation and guide you through the government form completion process.

Filing the Application

Our team will ensure that every piece of information is thoroughly reviewed before your application is filed with the relevant Philippine government body.

Processing and Approval

The Philippine authorities will conduct a thorough review of your application. Upon settling the required fees and receiving government approval, you can start enjoying the privileges of your new status.

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