60 Days


1,000,000 USD

Minimum Investment

121 Countries

Visa Free Access


Presence Required

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Why Dubai for Second Residency?

Dubai is a popular choice for second residency due to its strategic location, tax advantages, high quality of life, modern infrastructure, safety, diverse culture, and business-friendly environment. It offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle, excellent healthcare and education facilities, and a vibrant expat community, making it an appealing destination for residency.

Pro-Business Oasis

Dive into Dubai's pro-business regulations, creating an enticing haven for foreign investors seeking stability and streamlined growth.

Global Hub Advantage

Dubai, a strategic global crossroads, grants foreign investors seamless access to diverse markets, offering a unique edge for those eyeing a global presence.

Infrastructure Marvels

Dubai's ongoing infrastructure development, showcased by iconic projects like Expo 2020, guarantees state-of-the-art facilities and a cutting-edge business landscape.

Tax Efficiency

Benefit from Dubai's favorable tax regime—zero corporate and personal income taxes—creating a financially rewarding environment for foreign investors.

Real Estate Riches

Explore diverse investment opportunities in Dubai's thriving real estate sector, ensuring resilience and profitable returns for global investors.

Cultural & Touristic Allure

Beyond business, Dubai's rich culture and booming tourism sector provide foreign investors with a unique advantage. Immerse in a holistic investment environment where business integrates seamlessly with cultural experiences.

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Ideal for...

UAE residency is perfect for regional business individuals, requiring minimal presence and offering rapid application processes.

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Dubai Residency by Investment

Our Dubai residency program is done through a Regulated Cash Bond that provides a 6% annual percent yield. Residency is perpetual as long as the investment remains. The minimum amount required is USD250,000.00 locked for 30 months. 

  • Investment Type: Real Estate Investment
  • USD Return: 6.0% APR
  • Token Yield: 10% APY
  • Residency Term: Perpetual
  • Conditions: During term of Investment
  • Minimum Amount: USD250,000.00

The scheme accommodates the primary applicant's family, including spouse, children, and parents (with a one-year renewable visa for parents).

Dive into Dubai with Oz Living and unlock a world where investment dreams turn into reality.



Just biannual visits are needed.


The program extends to the entire family.


Working in UAE is not mandatory.


Access to extensive business amenities.


Preferable tax conditions.


Consistent sunshine, minimal rainfall.

Acquisition Process

Initial Consultation

Begin by discussing your individual and family needs for residency or citizenship in Dubai. We will help organize and prepare all required documentation and guide you through the government form completion process.

Filing the Application

Our team will ensure that every piece of information is thoroughly reviewed before your application is filed with the relevant Dubai government body.

Processing and Approval

The Dubai authorities will conduct a thorough review of your application. Upon settling the required fees and receiving government approval, you can start enjoying the privileges of your new status.

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