Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Navigating the complexities of securing international residency and establishing a corporate framework involves more than meets the eye. It's about managing personal and business entities effectively, requiring local assistance and potential expansion of your overseas team.

At Oz, we understand these challenges and offer a solution: a specialized Virtual Assistant (VA). Our VA, skilled in our advanced AI platform, ensures a seamless integration of your business and personal activities into the new environment.


Initial Consultation

Understanding your unique needs, our VA schedules an initial talk to align our strategies with your goals.


Crafting a detailed plan for your residency and corporate setup, addressing legal requirements and documentation.

Documentation Support

Assisting in the collection, submission, and tracking of necessary documents for your setup.

Financial Arrangements

Helping establish your bank accounts, ensuring they comply with local regulations while aiming for tax efficiency.


Operational Integration

Integrating your business operations into our platform, aligning processes with your new structure.

Ongoing Management

Providing continuous support, handling administrative tasks, ensuring local compliance, and coordinating with your teams.

Maximising Benefits

Ensuring you leverage the full advantages of your new setup, focusing on tax efficiency and structural effectiveness.

Feedback and Adjustments

Regularly updating you, adapting our services to meet evolving needs and goals.

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Your dedicated Oz VA guides you through each step, ensuring a smooth transition to your new lifestyle and business environment.