These Exotic Coins Do More Than Meets the Eye

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May 20, 2022 by
Chris Rios

8 March 2022 | By Chris Rios, CMO of AdRunner


What can you do with a coin? Buy things, common knowledge declares. Use it as a store of value, medium of exchange, and unit of account, someone more economically-savvy may chime in. There’s other use cases too, like opening a beer bottle. So to any crypto enthusiasts wondering — yes, fiat hard cash has a lot of utility when paired with enough creativity.

“Utility” is indeed a word that the crypto community rightfully holds in high regard: The more you can do with a coin or token, the more valuable it is. In most cases, a utility token is linked with a specific product or service that is impossible to buy with fiat — directly, at least. As a business model, it’s a smart trick, as it technically means the company does not even need to sell anything but the token to profit. For all that’s worth, some investors may buy only the token hoping its price would go up as others pay for the actual goods or services.

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