Privacy protected, regulation-light, tax-free living, made simple.
Boracay, Aklan
Opportunity is not defined by where you live. Opportunity is defined by choice.
Access freedom in three simple steps.
Watch our video and see how this is possible.
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About Oz

We believe in freedom and privacy, and we want to bring to reality the hope of freedoms initially promised by Blockchain and Bitcoin. We want to to create a future where individuals can be their best selves—where they have unlimited choices unrestricted by over-regulation, over-taxation or privacy-infringement.

Welcome to the future! Oz presents the digital asset granting freedoms through global citizenship, powered by the people, for the people.

How it works

Oz tokens are officially recognized as investments in participating Special Economic Zones (EcoZones). Our staking program grants investors with an indefinite second residency and/or corporate entity. Individuals may operate their personal lives through the protection of a corporation under tax-free status.

Live your best life in 3 steps
It's that simple!
Register on the Oz Wallet
Sign up for a free account on
and purchase your TOTOZ Tokens.
Stake Oz Tokens
Simply select your staking package, and begin the guided process with your Oz account manager.
Submit Documents
Complete forms and documentation provided, and your application will be checked for approval.
You can be a digital and/or physical resident by simply staking our token TOTOZ.
By staking our TOTOZ token, you can become a digital or physical resident and enjoy all these amazing benefits.
Individual Residency
Stake $75,000 worth of TOTOZ for 5 years
  • FAB Investor’s Visa with indefinite status
  • Live and work anywhere in the Philippines with no minimum stay
Local Corporation
Business Operations
Stake $100,000 worth of TOTOZ for 5 years
  • Individual Residency benefits +
  • Live and operate tax free through your own corporation registered under AFAB.
  • Bank account enabled
  • Digital Asset Wallet enabled
Stake for Freedom to Receive the Following
Meet Our Team
Building Oz is our experienced team of law-makers, financiers, entrepreneurs and technologists.
Jin Gonzalez
Chief Architect
Vincent Choy
Chief Ecosystem Architect
Hui Jie Lim
Chief Technology Architect
Ramon Garcia Jr.
Chief Political Advisor
Jonathan Shek
Chief Ecozone Advisor
Bert Navarette
Chief Financial Advisor
Marco Urera
Chief Fintech Advisor
Our Partners
Join our global community.
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