Jin Gonzalez From Oz Finance on Creating a Near-zero Tax Zone in the Philippines

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May 20, 2022 by
Jin Gonzalez (Oz)

Crypto Fireside 


JG: Hi, my name is Jin. I’m the Founder of Oz Finance.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years and a banker for 4. I headed-up the blockchain initiatives for UnionBank which is the largest digital bank in the Philippines, working on everything from PHX — the Philippine stablecoin, to cross-border remittance and the like. Oz Finance is a product of many years of experience in the banking industry looking at what was needed or what’s necessary to move this kind of technology forward.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks or one of the biggest factors that slows down blockchain implementation and creates limitations, for obvious reasons, is regulation.

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Reference: https://medium.com/@ozliving/jin-gonzalez-from-oz-finance-on-creating-a-near-zero-tax-zone-in-the-philippines-bc505014d90e