Spotlight on the Oz Development Roadmap: Transitioning towards a DAO

2 min read
August 26, 2022 by
Vincent Choy

Working with our legal and compliance team, Oz is working to migrate governance to a DAO structure. The current thinking is for Oz to issue Governance tokens called OZTs that the community can use to vote on Oz projects.

Project proposals can be put forth by any member of the community holding a minimum number of governance tokens and/or any member of the management committee. Project proposals voted to pass by the community will be executed by the management committee through the formation of a sub-DAO, with assets from the DAO’s Treasury moving to the sub-DAO for the execution of the project.

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About Oz:

Oz Finance is built to realize the full potential of decentralization by combining blockchain technology and crypto projects with real-world applications that can benefit the people it serves.

Digital Assets should have a real-world home.

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