Oz Update for the Week

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August 24, 2022 by
Vincent Choy

This will be an interesting week! Jin is in the USA at the moment and would love to meet with any of the Oz community that is there. We are also actively looking for investors into the DAO, HNWIs that are looking for tax-efficient, privacy protected, regulatory covered setups, and any partners that can enhance our ecosystem — If you know anyone that we should get connected to, please let us know!

Meanwhile, this Wednesday, we will be hosting a Networking Night in the Singapore office. Anyone in Singapore is welcome to join us too!

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining a networking dinner hosted by Enjinstarter where I met with Officials from the island nation of Palau. They are very impressed with what we are doing and I look forward to further discussions with them. I also met up with our friends from Foodstarter and XVA, whose projects in the Philippines are picking up. They have launched their metaverse game that is linked to real world farming and even won 2nd prize recently at the GameFi event in Thailand. I also attended Venture & Capital 2022 in Singapore. The one-day event was organized by CRIISP and Wholesale Investor and our CTO, Huijie was one of the panelists and we spoke about Oz extensively, explaining how government support for a project is very important to its sustainability and adoption.

I wish everyone in our community a great week ahead and remember, we need your continued support to put Oz on the map. If you know anyone that we should talk to, please don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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