Oz Update for the Week

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October 5, 2022 by
Vincent Choy

Hello People of Oz! How’s the weekend?

Last week’s super busy Asia Blockchain Week is finally over. From side conferences, to Token 2049, to almost nightly simultaneous crypto parties, the day seems to never stop.

Myself, Terence, Jonathan, Yanni and MJ were in Singapore, participating in as many activities as we can, letting as many people as we can know about Oz and the amazing utility and benefits that Oz brings to their lives. And we met everybody over the week. From VCs, to Institutional Traders, to Project Owners, we learned so much about the growing crypto markets. It seems that everyone is using the Crypto Winter as an opportunity to build and grow, preparing for the next boom cycle. 

Over in Manila, we are busy preparing for a webinar series that we will be happy to present to you soon. Focusing on key topics like asset protection and utilizing tax incentives, we are teaching everyone the secrets of the multi-millionaires. Stay tuned. Btw, we are looking for a sassy title for the webinar series, give us your suggestions if you have any!

Over 400 people have expressed interest in Oz from Jin’s last trip to the US. We will be working over the next couple of weeks to convert them to residents of Oz with nightly meetings and follow-ups.

Was anyone here for F1? Over 302,000 people braved the rains to be here in Singapore for F1. Live events are truly back and I really hope nothing like another pandemic ever hits us again.

About Oz:

Oz Finance is built to realize the full potential of decentralization by combining blockchain technology and crypto projects with real-world applications that can benefit the people it serves.

Digital Assets should have a real-world home.

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