Control, and what it means to be the wielder of our own universe

2 min read
July 29, 2022 by
Degen Scholar

Alone we are nothing, but together we are something. Together we form a unity, and union… a metaphorical cavern of confidence shaped like the next step of our journey. The whole point of this ebb, and flow is to take hold of the keys to our life. Ultimately at the end of the day a lot of us are tired of the normal way we live, and we need to open up our minds to the opportunities around us for new routes of impact, and fulfillment. What if there was a way to access residency, privacy control, and regulatory coverage with mobility x accessibility at the forefront of your forward motion…. Would that be worth considering? What would that mean for your life? How would that help you elevate to the next level? It’s not about jumping aboard right off the bat, it’s just about taking in information, and being a student to learn more and more about the best route as a whole. Culture, is cultivated, not coerced, and every second spent working away shines through in each move being made across the playing field. Is it often that you get the chance to not only benefit from token growth, but tax free residency alongside privacy, and regulatory coverage?