Oz Finance, and our Nomadic march towards cultural freedom as a whole

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August 1, 2022 by
Degen Scholar

This isn’t just a project it’s a statement for those who trek, and traverse the world as their playground. These people are the ones who defy societal norms as a whole, and take the matters of the world into their own hands. Imagine waking up to the world you want to see vs the world you’re forced to see. Imagine if you could not only go from one place to another as an adventurer, but as a resident with no minimum stay requirements for a tax free residency. How crazy would it be to go from country to country working for your desired time in each? With Oz that will very much so be possible, as we already own investments of land in Ecozone territories within The Philippines which is 20x the size of El Salvador as a whole. Imagine the power that holds, and imagine having the accessibility to a secondary market not only via the tokens, but the NFTs as well which have their own community benefits for holders within The Oz Ecosystem. These are simply blockchain use cases for the spin we are taking on residency, and privacy control as a whole? What kind of life do you want to live? Define it, and deploy it.

Website: https://www.oz.finance/

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Reference: https://medium.com/@ozliving/oz-finance-and-our-nomadic-march-towards-cultural-freedom-as-a-whole-fe9e6d682bd8