AMA Recap: TOTOZ’s 1st Webinar

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April 4, 2022 by
Oz Living Services, Inc.

Oz did its first webinar and unveiling to the public on the 12 November 2021. Over 119 people participated in the webinar and the response and support has been overwhelming. Over 74 people joined us as pioneers immediately after the webinar.

Here are some of the highlights and questions and answers to the webinar extracted for this article:

Q: Please introduce Oz.

A: Oz is very unique project. As far as we know, there is no project in the world working to link real world living to cryptocurrencies and digital assets. At Oz, we believe that efforts made to develop the digital assets and blockchain industry should bring real world benefits to everybody, so we focus on 4 main things:

1. Residency — To provide low tax living to participants in the digital economy with regulatory protections from dealing and working with digital assets.

2. Technology — To provide the best of technology solutions based on blockchain for entrepreneurs, business and governments to adopt.

3. Governance — To democratize the governance process and bring it to the real world and not just relegated to defi environments.

4. Widespread Adoption — To make blockchain solutions that are useful, easier to understand, and adopted by as many people as possible.

Q: What are the problems that Oz is trying to solve?

A: The early promises of blockchain were supposed to be decentralized control and greater autonomy and privacy. But as the industry enters a new decade, many of the promises of bitcoin did not materialize and things are as centralized as ever.

Oz is trying to fix that.

By taking a paradigm shifting “regulations first” approach, Oz hopes to create the ideal environment for our community and digital assets to thrive. We want to make the ideals of Low Tax Living, Value Creation, Privacy Protection and Regulatory Certainty available to our community.

Q: What is Oz’s Solution?

A: Oz is the only project in the world working on linking real world living with the digital economy, and we do that by working with partner ecozones, or special economic zones around the world. These ecozones have been set up by governments to attract foreign direct investments into the country and stimulate growth in the economy and provide jobs. These ecozones are able to set their own rules to a certain extent, and thus, Oz, by collaborating and partnering with the ecozones, will be able to negotiate on behalf of our community.

This is not new. If an investor promises to build a car factory in a country’s special economic zone and provide jobs, that investor will be given all sorts of tax incentives and perks for investing in the country.

Oz, as a blockchain project, brings community, capital, investments, innovations, business and more! In exchange for all of that, we ask for privacy protections, regulatory certainty on digital assets, and low taxes.

And all of this is no longer theory. Our first partner ecozone is the Freeport Area of Bataan in the Philippines, allowing us to link real world living with digital assets through our token offering: TOTOZ!

Q: Please Introduce TOTOZ.

A: TOTOZ is a utility token that allows users to stake for residency and business operation benefits. TOTOZ holders join the TOTOZ community where they can get access to residency opportunities in our partner ecozones by using the TOTOZ tokens.

With our partnership with the Freeport Area of Bataan in the Philippines, we are now able to offer 2 main types of benefits to our community.

The first is individual residency. By staking US$75,000 worth of TOTOZ in the Oz Wallet, the user is able to live and work anywhere in the Philippines with no minimum stay requirements once the user’s visa is approved.

The second is business operations. By staking US$100,000 worth of TOTOZ in the Oz Wallet, users will be able to register a business in the Freeport Area of Bataan. By registering a business, users are able to enjoy zero taxes for the first couple of years and low taxes (5% or less) subsequently, setup a bank account in the Philippines, enjoy privacy protection, get regulatory cover for the business (if it is in the approved list of industries that is covered by the AFAB), and live and work anywhere in the Philippines with no minimum stay requirements.

It is Oz’s vision to partner with a network of ecozones around the world, conferring residency benefits to TOTOZ users and holders. To that effect, Oz is already in discussions with special economic zones in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, East Timor, Sri Lanka, amongst others.

Q: What is the tokenomics of TOTOZ?

A: Our TOTOZ will be minted on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. There will be a fixed supply of TOTOZ. We will mint 8 quadrillion tokens, that’s 8 with 15 zeroes. Yes, it is a lot of tokens, but we believe in our project over the long term and demand will start increasing.

TOTOZ was designed to be used with the OZ Wallet to enable residency benefits to users that stake their tokens into special residency packages that will lock up TOTOZ for five years in the wallet.

TOTOZ staked for residency earns yield as described below from time to time and the percentage yield is highlighted in the Oz wallet at the point of staking and is locked for 5 years. Token yields are paid out in TOTOZ. The token yields are not fixed and will vary from time to time based on costs associated with residency, the number of applicants at the time, and the number of TOTOZ users.

In order to avail of the TOTOZ utility, users need on go to the “Staking” section on the Oz Wallet, and stake the corresponding amounts and indicate that they would like to register for residency.

The tokenomics of TOTOZ is very interesting and unique. The delivery of the utility is fixed in value and independent of the individual price of the token. That means that for users that are looking to purchase the tokens for residency, they are not too concerned about the individual price of each token, only the fact that they need to purchase and stake USDT 75,000 or USDT 100,000 worth of TOTOZ to stake. Once staked, the tokens are locked up for 5 years, being effectively removed from circulating supply. As demand for residency or business operations pick up, more and more supply will be locked up and with a fixed supply of tokens out there, as more people want residency, they will have to pay more for each individual token to accumulate the required amount.

Once again, there is a total supply cap of eight quadrillion (8,000,000,000,000,000) TOTOZ in the Oz ecosystem, of which thirty-seven and a half percent (37.5%) is expected to be in circulation to users for residency benefits by the end of 2022. In addition, we have allocated a further thirty-seven and a half percent (37.5%) of the tokens for staking rewards, which will be vested to the users that stake into the ecosystem. In total, over seventy-five percent (75%) of TOTOZ is allocated to Residency Related activities and benefits for users of TOTOZ. Twelve and a half percent (12.5%) of TOTOZ is allocated to providing liquidity to support the listing of TOTOZ in exchanges around the world. The six and a quarter percent (6.25%) of TOTOZ allocated to investments are meant to kickstart use cases for Oz, as well as engage with other ecozones around the world. In addition, three and three quarters percent (3.75%) is allocated to marketing, airdrop campaigns and engagements with influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to promote TOTOZ and finally two and a half percent (2.5%) is allocated to the core team and advisors to TOTOZ.

Q: What is unique about TOTOZ?

A: As far as we know, TOTOZ is unique to the industry. We are not aware of any other project that links real world living to a token.

TOTOZ has a utility that is ready to go, with our partnership with the Freeport Area of Bataan, we are ready to deliver residency and business operations benefits with our token. TOTOZ has a unique demand and supply structure, which would see the price of each individual token go up with increased demand.

Overall, I would say that TOTOZ has all the ingredients for great success.

Q: Please introduce the TOTOZ team.

A: Oz is led by a great team of seasoned entrepreneurs, financiers and blockchain technologists. Our CEO and Chief Strategist is Jin Gonzalez. Most recently, he was responsible for starting the blockchain initiatives of Unionbank, one of the top 3 banks in the Philippines. Jin is also the Executive Director of the Distributed Ledger Technology Association of the Philippines.

Our Chairman and Capital Markets Expert is Ramon Garcia. Of note, Ramon is the former Governor of the Philippine Stock Exchange and is currently the Director of the Philippine Association of Securities Brokers and Dealers (PASBADI). Ramon is also the founder and owner of the publicly traded DFNN Group, one of the largest gaming companies in the Philippines.

Marco Urera is our Technology Operator. Macro is an expert in Digital IDs and Fintech and is advising multiple companies on the adoption of digitalization for KYC and CIS functions, and the adoption of fintech technologies. He is also the co-founder of the Young Entrepreneur Organization (YEO).

Lim Hui Jie is our Technology Mastermind. He was once recognized as the youngest Executive Director of a listed company on the ASX at the age of 26 in 2015. As a passionate blockchain technologist, he has developed more than 96 use cases for blockchain technology across a wide range of industries over the past 3 years.

Our Ecosystem Architect and Business Development Officer is Vincent Choy. He is a business strategist that has worked in over 33 countries across a spectrum of industries including energy, sustainability, fintech, and blockchain technologies. Vincent is also the founder and current Chairman of the Blockchain Center of Excellence and Education.

Jonathan Shek rounds off the team as our Ecozone Specialist & Advisor. Of note, Jonathan has advised more than US$10 billion of investment transactions in Southeast Asia, including managing the tender for the multi-billion-dollar investment into Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone in Myanmar as well as other landmark projects.

Q: Please introduce the TOTOZ roadmap.

A: The passing of Law RA11453 in the Philippines in 2020 was a huge step in enabling the development and creation of TOTOZ. By partnering with our first ecozone, the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB), we were able to design a token project that ties our tokens to real-world living.

We are giving our first public sneak peak of TOTOZ to everybody in this webinar here today.

By January, we will mint the tokens on the Binance Smart Chain under BEP-20 technical standards. We also started establishing our first social media channels in China by setting up our official WeChat channel and launching our first AMAs to multiple cryptocurrency related media channels in China. The Oz Wallet will be launched at the beginning of March 2022.

The next part of the TOTOZ roadmap will focus mainly on the promotion and adoption of TOTOZ and encouraging people to sign up for Open Zone Living with Oz. To that effect we are partnering with award winning PR and marketing agencies including Reblonde and Luna PR to promote TOTOZ and expand our brand.

By March 2022, TOTOZ will be participating in our first event, the AIBC 2022 in Dubai as a Platinum Sponsor. AIBC is attended by over 6,000 people and streamed live to thousands more and is considered by many in the crypto industry to be one of the premier, must-attend events for the industry.

TOTOZ will be listing on several digital asset exchanges, including listings into multiple Tier 1 and Tier 2 exchanges to deepen the liquidity for TOTOZ and increase reach and distribution. TOTOZ will be launched on the GTX exchange, and we are currently in discussions with other top exchanges.

Further promotional activities and events will be scheduled and planned to promote TOTOZ and expand residency benefits to as many people as possible.

Q: How do we buy TOTOZ?

A: Currently, you can purchase TOTOZ with Oz Finance directly through SAFTs. By March, once the Oz Wallet is launched, interested buyers can purchase TOTOZ directly from the wallet. If you are interested in getting TOTOZ now, when the price is at the lowest, contact us!

About Oz Finance:

Oz Finance brings together a worldwide network of special economic zones, linked through its TOTOZ utility token, creating global economic residency and business opportunities. By staking TOTOZ, users attain residence status in the economic zones for individual or business residency based on the volume of the stake. Oz is currently building its own blockchain protocol alongside decentralized finance (DeFi) services to provide capital and credit to the members of its community and to participating Ecozones. Additionally, Oz is working on several ambitious projects to integrate NFTs and Metaverse applications into its ecosystem. Find out more:

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