Explaining TOTOZ Utility

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April 4, 2022 by
Oz Living Services, Inc.

TOTOZ provides a very simple utility that everyone can understand:

Stake and lock up the required amount of TOTOZ for 5 years in your own Oz Wallet and avail yourself of residency and/or business operations in our partner ecozones!

Our first partner ecozones is the Freeport Area of Bataan, in the Philippines, and there are 2 main types of benefits that users can get from using the TOTOZ tokens:

1. Individual Residency

Apply for individual residency in the Philippines by staking US$75,000 worth of TOTOZ in the Oz Wallet. By becoming a resident, users are able to live and work anywhere in the Philippines with no minimum stay requirements.

2. Business Operations

Register your business operations in the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) by staking US$100,000 worth of TOTOZ in the Oz Wallet. By registering a business, users are able to enjoy zero taxes for the first couple of years and low taxes (5% or less) subsequently, setup a bank account in the Philippines, enjoy privacy protection, get regulatory cover for the business (if it is in the approved list of industries that is covered by the AFAB), and live and work anywhere in the Philippines with no minimum stay requirements.

How to use TOTOZ?

1. Login to the Oz Wallet

2. Go to the Staking Tab

3. Check the Current Price of TOTOZ displayed on the wallet and your Balance.

4. Select Staking

5. Enter the dollar amount of TOTOZ you want to stake ($75,000 or $100,000)

6. Indicate that you want to apply for residency by tapping the option box.

7. Oz Finance’s team will email you within 24 hours and our customer service team will walk you through step by step the immigration application process and help you in preparing all documents needed for submission.

About Oz Finance:

Oz Finance brings together a worldwide network of special economic zones, linked through its TOTOZ utility token, creating global economic residency and business opportunities. By staking TOTOZ, users attain residence status in the economic zones for individual or business residency based on the volume of the stake. Oz is currently building its own blockchain protocol alongside decentralized finance (DeFi) services to provide capital and credit to the members of its community and to participating Ecozones. Additionally, Oz is working on several ambitious projects to integrate NFTs and Metaverse applications into its ecosystem. Find out more: https://oz.finance/

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Reference: https://medium.com/@ozliving/explaining-totoz-utility-a3c9fa0b7c43