What’s new, and how we’re pivoting through the challenges of our ecosystem

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July 27, 2022 by
Degen Scholar

The route we are creating is not just a route of day to day crypto growth, but additionally is a route for enabling, and accessing freedom as a whole. We’ve connected the dots by acquiring assets in Ecozone territories to prove the validity of staking as a way of investment on a country wide level, for every Ecozone territory which Oz acquires while bringing real world value to the blockchain. In total there are 5400+ Ecozone territories in the United States, and throughout those Ecozone territories we are building new routes of transport/trade to grow the countries individual GDPs overtime via new residency growth in partnering areas. The benefit to acquiring large amounts of land is the validity of it as a real world tangible asset, the first country we’ve done this in is The Philippines. They as a whole are 120m vs El Salvador’s 6m, and that’s an incredible feat considering the 12 years it took for El Salvador to adopt crypto as a whole. Now… with that in consideration, how does a blockchain which isn’t even listed on exchanges fare in comparison considering it’s already accepted within the walls of a country 20x the size? Builders build, and what people ultimately want is choice/control so we just leveled the playing field with blockchain, and real world utility at the forefront of our operations.

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