The Importance of Physical and Asset Security for High Net Worth Individuals

2 min read
March 12, 2023 by
Oz Living Services, Inc.

In today’s world, high net worth individuals (HNWIs) face numerous risks and challenges that threaten their physical and financial security. From political unrest and civil wars, to legal and financial challenges, the risks are ever-present. As a result, it’s crucial that HNWIs take proactive steps to protect themselves and their assets from these risks. This is where the services of Oz Living come into play.

Through Oz Living’s tax optimization and asset protection services, HNWIs can protect themselves and their assets through the use of offshore structures such as corporate entities and trusts in specific jurisdictions with unique qualities. These structures can help HNWIs reduce their tax bills and ensure the confidentiality of their financial information, protecting it from unwarranted access by third parties.

For instance, through the use of a one-person corporation in the Philippines, HNWIs can reduce their tax bills while enjoying the benefits of operating in a free-trade zone. Additionally, they can set up a trust to protect their income and assets, making it difficult for anyone to have unwarranted access to their financial information.

The benefits of physical and asset security are clear. By taking advantage of the services offered by Oz Living, HNWIs can ensure the safety of themselves and their assets, regardless of the challenges they face.