Redefining the Meaning of Freedom: How I Went from Being a Digital Nomad to Becoming a True Citizen of the World

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February 27, 2023 by
Anthony Carter

If you’re someone who’s always dreamed of living in another country and experiencing different cultures, then you’ll definitely relate to this article, because I will outline what I did to live my dream. It’s packed full of useful information and tips for anyone who wants to create a customizable life blueprint. In today’s world you don’t have to be stuck to one specific geographical location. So, let’s look at some ideas that just might get those brain cells firing off to new way of looking at how to live life.

More and more people are realizing they don’t need to work in a brick-and-mortar building. The internet has made the world more accessible and there is a rise of digital nomads globally.

Do you want to live in Italy while working? Why not?

What about France, Spain, Thailand, or the Philippines? The world is truly your playground when you consider what I’m going to show you.

I stumbled onto a company called Oz Living. In less than 90 days they help me set up a business in a tax-free environment in the Philippines and achieve “permanent’” residency in the Philippines. That means you can stay as long as you want or come and go as you want in and out of the country.

Now you’re probably wondering “What does that accomplish for me? I don’t want to live in the Philippines, I want to live in France or Portugal (note: you pick the country to insert here).

Oz Living has a very unique and powerful value proposition. In less than 90-days you will receive:

Corporate Entity: They will assist you in setting up a single member corporation inside a specialized economic zone (a freeport also known as a free trade or open zone) located in the Philippines that provides business operations in a tax-reduced environment. Specifically, 0% taxes for the first 5 years, then 5% taxes for the next 10 years. This results in significant savings for your business.

Permanent Residency: By setting up a corporation in a Philippine specialized economic zone, you will have a permanent residency visa stamped inside your passport. This means you can come in and out of the Philippines as often as you want and stay for as long as you want. You can now rest assure that you always have a home in the Philippines.

Offshore Asset Protection: An irrevocable trust will be set up for you. Your offshore trust is a very powerful entity that protects your assets against unforeseeable civil lawsuits in your home country or while abroad traveling. This is the Holy Grail when it comes to asset protect, all set up and backed by reputable US Law Firm and Philippine Law Firm which understand corporate and international tax law.

Great Place to Live and Work: If you “choose” to live in the Philippines it is a beautiful country with a very friendly culture, excellent healthcare, and a large expat community, making it a great destination for digital nomads or retirees.

Freedom to Live and Work Globally: What is unique about Oz Living is you don’t have to live in the Philippines. After setting up your corporation, business and personal banking, and receiving your residency visa, you now have the freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world. Why? Because the single member corporation is located in the Philippine freeport zone. You are an employee (managing member) of that corporation. You choose your salary. You choose where the corporation wants to do business in the world. It can even do business in your master bedroom of your primary house you’ve owned for the last 15 years in Texas.

Excellent Healthcare: The Philippines offers excellent healthcare at about 50–75% less the cost of the USA. This provides peace of mind knowing you can get great healthcare in the Philippines. Once you have established your residency visa and corporation, you can apply for full coverage health insurance. A policy may cost about $500-$2000 total per year depending on age and preexisting conditions. Oh, and if you require hospitalization, the nurses actually take care of you while you’re in the hospital. Most of the operations that are out-patient in the USA are in-patient in the Philippines so you are well taken care of.

Large Expat Community: If you decide to live in the Philippines there is a large expat community, making it easy to assimilate into the culture and make new friends.

Here’s The Best Part — Oz Living has just added a special program that now allows you to not only have business operations and a permanent residency visa in the Philippines, but you also can have a permanent residency in Greece, Spain, or Antigua. This opens up even more doors for you savvy nomads to live in multiple EU Countries for extended periods of time at your discretion.

Now this is what I call Oz Living!

If you’re dreaming of a life with more freedom and flexibility, the ability to live and work anywhere in the world, then look no further than Oz Living! Whether you want to protect your assets, start a new business, or simply experience the thrill of living abroad, Oz Living can make your dreams a reality. They did it for me and can for you too. With their expert guidance and unparalleled resources, Oz Living literally opened the door to the world and help secure my financial future. So why wait? Get in touch with Oz Living at and see what they can do for you!

Namaste Nomads,


Oz Citizen and World Traveler