Oz Offers Open Zone Living Through Token Staking

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May 18, 2022 by
Kratika Agrawal

Global Crypto

Oz Finance (Oz), an open zone digital asset project, connects a network of special economic zones (ecozones) through its TOTOZ token, enabling its holders to apply for real-world living in a near zero-tax environment. Starting with the Philippines, by staking its utility TOTOZ token, Oz offers community members exclusive living and business operation access to business-friendly ecozones that can grant users benefits such as near-zero taxes, regulatory cover for digital assets, as well as privacy protection.

Oz leverages its community-building capabilities to raise capital and investments, turning the world’s 5,400 ecozones into a multi-trillion-dollar digital asset ecosystem. Oz provides a blueprint for ecozones to harness blockchain technology and its associated benefits to fuel economic growth.

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Reference: https://medium.com/@ozliving/oz-offers-open-zone-living-through-token-staking-2cda46fc5fd6