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Navigating the Crypto Chaos: A Call to Reclaim Blockchain’s Promise and Rediscover Its True Value

The recent instability in the banking sector, exemplified by the meltdown of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, has raised concerns about the overall stability of financial institutions. The FTX fiasco has exposed inherent conflicts of interest within the crypto exchange ecosystem, revealing the lack of controls in place. In response, regulators are clamping down on projects and marketers, questioning the legitimacy of many tokens and their compliance with securities regulations.

March 30, 2023
3 min read

The Importance of Physical and Asset Security for High Net Worth Individuals

In today’s world, high net worth individuals (HNWIs) face numerous risks and challenges that threaten their physical and financial security. From political unrest and civil wars, to legal and financial challenges, the risks are ever-present...

Mar 13,2023
2 min read

Why Greece Should Be Your Next Home

Picture this: You wake up to the sounds of the Aegean Sea lapping at the shore, the smell of fresh coffee brewing in your kitchen, and the warm Greek sun shining through your window...

Mar 7,2023
3 min read

Understanding Oz Scarcinomics at work: An Illustration of a Customer Journey with Oz Tokens

Protecting your assets and optimizing your taxes are key concerns for anyone with a high net worth. But where to start? If you’re looking for a back-up place to stay in case anything goes wrong in your home country, or if you want to live a more private and tax-optimized life, you may be interested in the services provided by Oz Living in the Philippines...

Mar 2, 2023
2 min read

Redefining the Meaning of Freedom: How I Went from Being a Digital Nomad to Becoming a True Citizen of the World

If you’re someone who’s always dreamed of living in another country and experiencing different cultures, then you’ll definitely relate to this article, because I will outline what I did to live my dream...

Feb 28,2023
5 min read

Scarcinomics: Why Oz is Joining the Revolution

Hey there Oz community! My name is Russell Stanley Geronimo. I’m the Chief Legal Officer of Oz and I work actively with our founders in engineering the Oz token and designing our product offerings...

Feb 15,2023
3 min read

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